Screw It : Lets Do It

In Screw It : Lets Dot It, Richard Branson talks about Green initiatives and harnessing Renewable Sources for energy wherever possible. Renewable energy especially Solar & Wind is being used across a wide range of spectrum. 


 I think the day is not far when we start having our own small portable solar stations which can  power our laptops, i-pods, mobile phones and accessories. As soon as we get these gadgets commercially available, we can think of a revolution where not only the senior generation but even the younger generation will start understanding the benefits of renewable sources of energy and will make a gradual shift in their thinking.


In future we will need not only these gadgets but more Inventions and Thoughts which can keep this revolution going forward. Just imagine Barren Desserts, will become power houses for the world where you can generate abundance energy. Putting Wind turbines in areas where we get high winds and turbulence, can again work for our benefit, infact for the benefit of the entire humanity on this earth.


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