Population Dynamics Ruling the World

Population Maths

The other day i was reading some articles on population and made some quick references to Wikipedia. Population of China is just 120 million more than India and in the last decade alone population in India grew by a staggering rate of 17.5 % compared to 5.4% of China.

China & India population account for almost 19.33% and 17.47%  respectively in the world, and immediately after them is USA which almost 25% of India and is just 4.5%.  The Females % in China & India is almost 48 % , where as in USA females are about 50.8% of the whole population.

Rank Country / Territory Population  % of World population Source
World 6,929,400,000 100% US Census Bureau’s World Population Clock
1  Chinan2 1,339,724,852 19.33% 2010 China Census
2  India 1,210,193,422 17.46% Provisional 2011 Indian Census result
3  United States 311,705,000 4.5% Official United States Population Clock
4  Indonesia 237,556,363 3.43% 2010 Indonesian Census
5  Brazil 190,732,694 2.75% 2010 Official Brazilian Census results
6  Pakistan 176,554,000 2.55% Official Pakistani Population clock
7  Nigeria 158,423,000 2.28% UN estimate for 2010
8  Bangladesh 150,863,000 2.18% Official Bangladeshi Population Clock
9  Russia 142,905,200 2.06% 2010 Russian Census
10  Japan 127,950,000 1.85% Official Japan Statistics Bureau

Population of India at Glance

Indian Population shows a different challenge in itself. Firstly the sex ratio is highly skewed, which statistically says there are less number of women as compared to men, and in absolute terms there are about 3,00,00,000 females short.  Even the literacy rate in women is just 65.46% as compared to 82.14 % in men.

In-depth analysis on population, demographics & lifestyle indicators can revel some more fascinating facts about India.


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