India Denim Day

In India people in the age group of 15-29 years comprise almost 25 percent of the country’s population. However, at the same time, this age-group also accounts for 31 percent of AIDS burden. This clearly indicates that young people are at high risk of contracting HIV infection. Also, the youth in our country. like elsewhere, can also play a major role in the fight against HIV and AIDS.Denim represents youth and energy.


Taking this further, Denim Club India has taken the lead and conceptualized a campaign linking Denim and HIV and AIDS Awareness.On behalf of the entire community of denim professional and enthusiasts, Denim Club India is organizing India Denim Day – with the objective of contributing the proverbial drop in the ocean – for creating Awareness about HIV and AIDS.The India Denim Day is scheduled to be organized on 1st of December. In the run-up to India Denim Day, we shall be organizing an HIV and AIDS Awareness Campaign, starting from 10th Nov. till 30th Nov.


Campaign Theme – Living Positive
The incidence of new HIV infections are rising every year, which is indicative of the fact that people either aren’t learning the message about the dangers of HIV, or are unable or unwilling to act on it. A large number of people are dangerously ignorant about the virus, and surveys from around the world have shown alarmingly low levels of awareness and understanding about HIV amongst many groups.A huge stigma is attached to people who are HIV-positive in India and many of the people with AIDS, in the country, face severe discrimination because of widespread lack of awareness about the illness. People living with HIV/ AIDS have a right to non-discriminatory treatment and access to medical care and leading a normal life.


Take the Pledge
“AIDS is now a medically manageable condition. Yet too many people in resource-poor settings are still dying from it. If we all kept our promises – our promises of money and resources, and our promises of support and acceptance – we could radically curtail, and perhaps even end, death and suffering from AIDS. So let us take accountability seriously in this epidemic – of our governments, international agencies and of ourselves”.
Take the Pledge and make a positive contribution!


Let’s Do It Together
AIDS is an evolving and changing infection and disease, a condition with which everyone must learn to live, directly or indirectly. AIDS affects all of humankind, communities and societies as well as individuals.AIDS affects us all and we have to come together and join hands in the fight against AIDS and India Denim Day. We need you to take a step forward and …
Organize ! Volunteer ! Co-ordinate ! Take the Lead ! Spread the Word ! Join Hands with Us in this ambitious and far-sighted initiative.
You can send us an E-mail at

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